Refugee resettlement assistance program

Most North Korean refugees have never lived under a democratic or capitalist system, except for those previously employed outside of North Korea. The lack of access to information, underdeveloped competitive skills, and inexperience make them vulnerable to new environments. Language barriers and cultural differences add to the difficulty of assimilation. Combined, these factors make seemingly simple tasks overwhelming to the new arrivals. NKinUSA’s resettlement program seeks to close the gap by providing:

1) Resettlement support

We work closely with refugees in the early stages of their resettlement. We provide guidance on basic needs and skills such as seeking school registration, housing, obtaining basic documents, and job hunting. We also facilitate translation services to those who need document translation and interpreters.

2) Financial support

We provide financial support to refugees during the initial settlement period for a reasonable time in which they can demonstrate financial independence. We also offer support in instances of unexpected financial difficulties, such as that resulting from illness, accident, or unemployment.

3) Referral services

We refer refugees in need of specialized services to our network of volunteers with professional service skills. This includes a licensed attorney who provides immigration assistance free of charge to North Koreans seeking asylum in the U.S.


Since 2012, NKinUSA has provided assistance to more than 100 North Korean refugees out of over 200 who have been granted refugee status in the U.S. NKinUSA staff provides resettlement assistance throughout the United States with the help of its extensive volunteer network.

We provide such assistance to any North Korean refugee in need of help regardless of age, location, or other conditions. Like our rescue operations, our resettlement assistance program is provided at no cost.