January and February Rescue Updates Today we want to update you about the successful rescue of three North Korean refugees, our first for 2018, whom we recently learned arrived safely to freedom in Thailand.

Ms. Kang Keumok (46) (all names are aliases) was originally arrested and spent
Vice President Grace Jo, Board Member Andrew Hong, speak at Harvard By Mridhu Khanna; photos by Alex Melagrano

A North Korean defector spoke Saturday about the hardships, horrors and trials she and her family endured trying to escape the country over the course of a decade. At a cultural event at Harvard University,
Grace Jo returns to WTOP-FM to discuss North Korea's Olympics offensive, thoughts about reunification Our friends and supporters will recall that our vice president, Grace Jo, met with JJ Green, national security correspondent at WTOP-FM in Washington, DC, at the end of 2016 to talk about her family's journey from North Korea to the United States.

NKinUSA wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving...and Updates on Rescues We here at NKinUSA would like to wish all of you, our friends and supporters around the world, a Happy Thanksgiving.

Last month we told you about the recent successful rescues of two women, Ms. Mi Kyong Park, 19, and Ms. Kyong Hui Kim, 45, (assumed
Recent Media Appearances with Jinhye and Grace Jo Confirming once again the global nature of interest in North Korea and in the activities of NKinUSA, President Jinhye Jo and Vice President Grace Jo, recent media reports with Jinhye and Grace have come out in German and Spanish as well as in English.

Grace Jo to Speak at the Spirit of Liberty https://youtu.be/x01BQe7r5Wg

The George W. Bush Institute’s Human Freedom Initiative is launching a major bipartisan effort to affirm American values of freedom and free markets, strengthen the institutions that secure these values at home, and help
Rescue Update Two Rescues Recently Completed
Today we want to update you about two recent successful rescues while also letting you know about two more critical cases which demand immediate attention. Thanks to many of our friends and supporters' contributions over
From terrors of North Korea to US college student: One woman's amazing journey From terrors of North Korea to US college student: one woman's amazing journey
When Grace Jo walks along the leafy paths of Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland, she is indistinguishable from any other American college student. But the 26-year-old's
What It’s Like to Escape From North Korea What It's Like to Escape From North Korea
"We tried our best to live in our country," Grace Jo says. "We tried so many different ways, and we tried our best to survive. But there was no way to survive there." "There" is North Korea, and Jo is one of