At a Glance

North Korean Refugees in the USA (NKinUSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in September 2011 by a group of North Korean refugees re-settled in the U.S. and other individuals concerned about the human rights crisis in North Korea. NKinUSA is the first human rights organization established by North Korean defectors in the U.S.

NKinUSA’s mission is three-fold: to raise awareness of the human rights crisis in North Korea, to help facilitate escape and safe passage for North Korean refugees, and to provide them with resettlement assistance in a third country. NKinUSA is committed to improving the human rights situation in North Korea and to bring other North Koreans to freedom.

NKinUSA has advocated human rights in North Korea by testifying before the British Parliament, the US House Foreign Affairs Committee Congressional Executive Commission on China and the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in North Korea.

To raise awareness of human rights in North Korea, NKinUSA had speeches on human rights situation in North Korea in collaboration with student organizations at universities across America including Princeton University, George Mason University, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University and University of Chicago. NKinUSA also has hosted ‘Unification of the Mind Conference’ with ENoK to install a vision for a reunified Korean Peninsula in the minds of North Korean defectors and Korean-American students. NKinUSA is working closely with North Korea Freedom Coalition led by Suzanne Scholtes and participating in several events and projects such as anti-forced repatriation protest at the Chinese Embassy.

Every year, NKinUSA aims to increase the number of North Korean refugees that it helps rescue.
NKinUSA annually hosts fundraising concert to help rescue North Korean refugees as well as bring public awareness of human rights abuse towards North Korean refugees. Safety of the people we are trying to rescue comes first in everything in rescue operation. We stick to the principle of rescuing people free of charge to North Koreans.

NKinUSA has provided general assistance such as guidance on basic needs and skills, financial support and referral services to any NK refugee in need of help with no condition such as age and location. Like rescue operation, our resettlement assistance program is provided at no cost.