Jinhye and Grace Jo’s Recent Media Appearances

President Jinhye Jo and Vice President Grace Jo recently appeared on a number of interview programs on TV, online, and on radio. On June 7 and again on June 9, WHUT-TV (PBS) broadcast the Mimi Geerges Show’s interview with Jinhye and Grace.   On June 6, The Young Turks posted an interview with Grace from […]

Expert in escaping North Korea has a message for Trump

“I’m good at escaping,” says Grace Jo, a slender 25-year-old who managed to flee North Korea and its authoritarian regime not just once but three times, though most of her family was not so lucky. Even as the reclusive Asian nation steps up its military provocations, millions of its people still struggle to get enough […]

A U.N. panel hears good advice from a prison survivor

From the Wall Street Journal A U.N. panel hears good advice from a prison survivor. A United Nations commission is finally investigating human rights in North Korea, and last week it opened a window on the gruesome facts it is discovering. The commission has traveled to several countries to hear the testimony of North Korean […]