NKinUSA Launches Generosity Crowdfunding Campaign

We have opened a Generosity crowdfunding campaign, “Today’s Underground Railroad”. Our goal for this campaign is to raise $10,000 to support our three programs rescuing North Koreans hiding in China, helping with resettlement in the United States, and raising awareness of North Korea’s crimes against humanity. The bulk of the funds will go to our […]

Jinhye and Grace Jo’s Recent Media Appearances

President Jinhye Jo and Vice President Grace Jo recently appeared on a number of interview programs on TV, online, and on radio. On June 7 and again on June 9, WHUT-TV (PBS) broadcast the Mimi Geerges Show’s interview with Jinhye and Grace.   On June 6, The Young Turks posted an interview with Grace from […]

NKinUSA wishes you a safe and happy Independence Day. We are proud to be an American organization, founded in a land of freedom and human rights for all people. As we celebrate our independence from tyranny, we must remember those who are still oppressed. No country signifies this oppression more than North Korea, a totalitarian […]

Introducing NKinUSA’s Summer Interns

Today we would like to introduce our two interns who are helping NKinUSA on a number of projects over the course of the summer. Bongha Lee is a student at New York University majoring in Global Liberal Studies concentrating in Politics, Rights, and Development (PRD). He is interested in international law, conflict resolution, diplomacy, international security, human […]

San Antonio High School Student Launches Prom Fundraiser for NKinUSA

Today we begin the first in a series of occasional brief profiles highlighting the activities of some of our friends and supporters around the globe. Meet Johnathan Gessner, who just graduated from Douglas MacArthur High School in San Antonio, Texas. In April Johnathan attended his school’s prom, where the Prom King and Prom Queen titles […]