Vice President Grace Jo Speaks at University of Maryland

Vice President Grace Jo visited the University of Maryland College Park on November 21 to talk to the members of Liberty in North Korea at UMCP. She spoke about her views on what are human rights and contrasted her current life in the U.S. with her previous one in North Korea where basic items such […]

Human Rights Day 2015

Today Grace Jo, Vice President of NKinUSA, was in New York City to raise awareness of the suffering of the people of North Korea. Grace participated in a panel organized by Human Rights Watch and hosted by the Baha’i International Community. Grace also attended the UN Security Council’s meeting as a guest of Ambassador Samantha Power […]

The 4th Majoong Concert in MD

We are glad to announce that we are having a 4th Majoong* Concert on October 24th.The 4th Majoong concert is more special than ever because it is mainly led by a college student and a high school student with other student musicians who are deeply interested in North Korean human rights issues. The concert team will present beautiful […]

A Retreat for Korean Reunification in Seattle

There will be a retreat in Seattle for North Koreans and residents in WA from August 17th to August 22nd. The retreat program will include sermons, testimonies, and prayers by participants, both North Koreans and Korean Americans who yearn for a peaceful reunification. Approximately 30 North Korean defectors are expected to attend and Joo Soon-young, a North […]