Announcing Jinhye Jo’s 30th Birthday “Jinhye30” Campaign

On September 12, our president Jinhye Jo will turn 30 years old. To help celebrate this milestone point in Jinhye’s life, we are working to give her the best gift possible: the rescue of more North Korean refugees. To do that, we need to continue to raise funds. NKinUSA is pleased to launch the Jinhye30 Fundraising Drive […]

New English Video Chat Tutoring Service for North Korean Refugees

북한이탈주민 (탈북자)을 위한 화상영상 영어교육서비스! As part of our ongoing effort to help North Koreans resettle in the United States we are beginning a new program offering North Koreans residing in the U.S. the opportunity to participate in regular web-based video English language tutorial sessions. 미국에 거주하는 북한이탈주민 여러분의 정착지원을 위해 저희 재단에서 화상채팅을 통한 […]

Vice President Grace Jo Speaks at Oslo Freedom Forum

On Tuesday, May 23, NKinUSA Vice President Grace Jo spoke at the ninth annual Oslo Freedom Forum. Invited as part of a group of renowned human rights activists from around the globe to gather in Oslo to share their stories, Grace talked about her family’s experience surviving the Great Famine of the 1990s, fleeing North […]

T-Shirt Fundraiser Begins Today!

Today we are launching the first in a line of fundraisers featuring NKinUSA merchandise. Show your support for NKinUSA, North Korean refugees, and North Korean human rights by purchasing a shirt today. Proceeds go to support refugee rescues, resettlement, and raising awareness about the human rights situation in North Korea. We will have many public […]

Jinhye and Grace Jo’s Recent Media Appearances

President Jinhye Jo and Vice President Grace Jo recently appeared on a number of interview programs on TV, online, and on radio. On June 7 and again on June 9, WHUT-TV (PBS) broadcast the Mimi Geerges Show’s interview with Jinhye and Grace.   On June 6, The Young Turks posted an interview with Grace from […]