Jinhye and Grace Jo’s Recent Media Appearances

President Jinhye Jo and Vice President Grace Jo recently appeared on a number of interview programs on TV, online, and on radio. On June 7 and again on June 9, WHUT-TV (PBS) broadcast the Mimi Geerges Show’s interview with Jinhye and Grace.   On June 6, The Young Turks posted an interview with Grace from […]

I Want to Live Like a Decent Person – Part 2

At the police station I was investigated briefly. While at the station I met a Korean-Chinese woman who worked at a restaurant and who introduced me to her nephew who lived in Jilin. I ended up going to Jilin, marrying her nephew and living with him there for two and a half years. There, I […]

I Want to Live Like a Decent Person – Part 1

I am a North Korean defector living in secret, hiding from the public security officers in a small farming village in Jilin-sheng, China. Twelve years have passed since I crossed the Tumen River in my 20s; I am now in my 40s. I lament my misfortune and lack of any hope for the future. Perhaps […]

Some Thoughts on Christmas

We had no idea. We had no idea what “Christmas” meant… I still cannot forget the first Christmas our family experienced after resettling in America in 2007. I also have a memory from the days of living in hiding from Chinese public security agents in China after defecting from North Korea. Even in the small […]

Confession of Faith by the 100th NK Refugee – Part 2

The biggest problem while I lived in Russia over the past 10 years was my legal status. The legal status issue, i.e., that my illegal immigration status be legalized, was always on my prayer list every New Year. The efforts of State Security Department of North Korea to repatriate people were relentless as well. On […]