Rescue Updates (Summer 2018)

Over the past few months, NKinUSA has continued its core mission of helping refugees from North Korea escape through China to safety in a third country. The following accounts are of refugees who recently obtained freedom in Thailand with the help of NKinUSA’s network of connections. The names have been changed for the safety of […]

Media Coverage Surrounding Trump-Kim Summit

In the days leading up to and immediately following the June 12 summit meeting in Singapore between U.S. President Donald J. Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, we were asked to comment about our perspective on the meeting’s probable outcome. In the following reports, NKinUSA President Jinhye Jo and Vice President Grace Jo talk […]

International Media Coverage

Ever since the start of the first Moon Jae-in – Kim Jong-un summit at the end of April we’ve received several requests for comment from various media outlets from around the world. For all of our multilingual friends and supporters out there, here is a sampler of some recent international news coverage: O Estado de […]