Rescue Updates (Summer 2018) Over the past few months, NKinUSA has continued its core mission of helping refugees from North Korea escape through China to safety in a third country. The following accounts are of refugees who recently obtained freedom in Thailand with the help
The Federalist Radio Hour: "North Korean Defector Shares Her Story of Torture, Escape, And Freedom" AUGUST 8, 2018 By The Federalist Staff

Grace Jo was born in North Korea and lost most of her family to starvation. Her father was killed by the state. She joins Bre Payton in studio to share her story of suffering, escape, faith, and transition to
Dallas News: "George W. Bush Institute awards scholarships to 10 who fled North Korea" By Deborah Fleck, July 30, 2018

The George W. Bush Institute has announced it will divvy up $26,000 to help North Korean refugees pursue higher education in the U.S.

The institute started the North Korean Freedom Scholarship last year. The Communities
The Federalist: North Korea Survivor Tells Of Starvation, Torture: ‘You Cannot Imagine What Life Without Freedom Is Like’ By Juliana Knot, July 12, 2018

Grace Jo’s first memory of North Korea is sitting by her grandmother, selling a bucket of dried fish in the marketplace. Her grandmother raised her and her four siblings, because her parents were often gone trying to
The Washington Times: "North Korean defector: Kim Jong-un will never give up nukes" By Connor Foarde - The Washington Times - Monday, July 16, 2018

Kim Jong-un “will never give up” developing nuclear weapons, according to a prominent North Korean dissident, who says President Trump’s energies would be better spent calling the