NKinUSA wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving…and Updates on Rescues

We here at NKinUSA would like to wish all of you, our friends and supporters around the world, a Happy Thanksgiving.

Last month we told you about the recent successful rescues of two women, Ms. Mi Kyong Park, 19, and Ms. Kyong Hui Kim, 45, (assumed names) who reached safety in Thailand in September. We also explained the circumstances of two other escapees whom we were unable to help at the time, Ms. Kyong Ok Kang, 50, and Ms. Choi, 19, who is pregnant. Now we are happy to announce that, thanks to the contributions of many of our supporters, Ms. Kang also arrived in Thailand at the end of October. We had asked Ms. Choi to remain where she was temporarily until we were able to fund her rescue and until she was healthy enough to travel. We are now able to tell you that, again thanks to your support, Ms. Choi has left China for a third country and we are waiting to hear that she has arrived in Thailand safely.

This Thanksgiving we are thankful that refugees like Mi Kyong Park, Kyong Hui Kim, Kyong Ok Kang and Ms. Choi can begin their new lives soon, most likely in South Korea. And we are especially grateful for you, our friends and supporters, for your help making it happen. At the same time we remember our brothers and sisters still trapped inside North Korea and look forward to when they too can obtain freedom. Until then we still have a lot of work to do and we still rely on and welcome your support to help us continue our mission to help North Korean refugees in both Asia and the United States. All contributions, large and small, are very much appreciated.

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